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Carol Ann loves lots of things. So does Bella. What do you love? Draw a picture of it on the pad. Print it out for yourself. Or send it to Carol Ann to share. Maybe what you love will inspire others.

If you read my Bio page you know I didn't know the definitions of kinnikinnik or teasel. Well now I've looked them up. Kinniknnik is a mixture of dried leaves, bark, and sometimes tobacco that was smoked by Native Americans. Teasel is a type of plant with thistle-like flowers surrounded by prickly bracts.

Uh oh! What�s a bract? Well, I'll be, it's the part that attaches the flower to the stem. I never knew what that was called. See what you can discover when you play with words!

Bella only took one photograph that we saw. But she had her camera the whole day. On the pad draw another photo Bella took. Print it out for yourself, or send it to Carol Ann to share.

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