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My husband Peter, Me, and my son Matthew

My first book, "Tsubu: The Little Snail"
Simon & Schuster.

Putnam's Sons published my second picture book,
"Booming Bella"
in June 2008.


Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators

The Authors Guild

The main thing you should know about me is that I love a lot of things.

I love rocks.
I love raspberries.
I love a winter day when it's so cold the snow crunches under your feet.
I love Cape Cod Bay at low tide, preferably in the summer.
I love American Idol. (Yes! I admit it!)
I love when my son, Matthew, plays the saxophone and the cats run for cover!
I do love those pesky cats, and dogs.
I love the woods when it is very quiet and the leaves rustle in the trees.
I love broccoli. (Are you hollering, ugh!?)
I love when I'm driving and take a wrong turn and see things I never expected to see. (That's what books do too�take you places you never expected to be.)
I love books.
I love words.
I even love words I don't know, such as kinnikinnik and teasel. (Though I will now go look them up.)
I love that words can sound like music. The best poems are beautiful music. Even if you don't know what they're saying you can close your eyes and just listen to the song. Ahh. . . .

I have always loved to read.
I didn't know I loved to write until fifth grade when the teacher said to write a story. I got home that afternoon, sat down at the table with a blank piece of paper, put my pencil to the paper, and the words flowed out like water. That was the start. I never stopped writing.

I love to write!

And writing has taken me lots of places I never expected to go:

The Johns Hopkins University Writing Seminars where I was a Teaching Fellow and winner of the Elliott Coleman Award for poetry.
The Baltimore Sun, for which I wrote feature articles and book reviews.
The Eugene O'Neill National Playwrights Conference, where my first play was produced.
Regional theaters around the country and in New York City.
Johns Hopkins again, where I taught playwriting and founded the University�s theater program.
Marriage: I met my husband in the theater world. We moved to Princeton, New Jersey. Motherhood, my son was born. I started reading to him all those wonderful books I'd loved when I was little. Then I started writing them.

Tsubu the Little Snail was my first. It was an ABA (American Booksellers Association) Pick of the Lists, and won the Marion Vannett Ridgway Honor Book Award for picture book writing.

Booming Bella is my second. It was selected by G.P. Putnam's Sons as their best picture book of 2008 and submitted for the Golden Kite Award.

More kids books are in the pipeline.

Writing for kids is fun!

I love it!

Go to my Fun Page and tell me what you love.

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